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To get the most from your Chevy, GMC, or Buick vehicle, regular maintenance is a must. Busy schedules can often make it hard to remember to schedule that service visit or inspection, but preventive care does save you money in the long run, making regular service visits well worth your time. You'll protect your investment and be rewarded with a reliable vehicle that's there when you need it for your Greensboro commute.

Brake Repair

Your braking system is complex, involving many separate parts that need maintenance, but the most common repair will always be brake pad replacement. You might be able to get away with changes every 60,000 miles or so if you're not regularly in stop-and-go traffic, but most drivers can expect to replace pads every 40,000 miles or even sooner. Other services for your braking system can include flushing your brake fluid and replacing it, smoothing your rotors, or bleeding your brakes, although these services are less common and may only be necessary once or twice during the lifetime of your vehicle or when you've incurred damage like a puncture in your hydraulic line or warping of your rotors.

Oil Changes

If you want to get the most out of your Buick, GMC, or Chevy vehicle, a well-lubricated engine is the way to do it. Fresh oil reduces friction and allows the moving parts in your engine to perform efficiently. This helps to avoid conditions leading to overheating and means your engine will consume less fuel. Over time, your oil will encase dust, grime, and metal debris sloughing from engine parts, becoming abrasive. This sludge can scour precision machined parts, aging them prematurely. Regular oil changes will keep your engine young, your fuel consumption lower, and your engine running cooler.

Tire Service

Your tires can offer years of flawless service with just a little bit of attention. It's good to watch your tire pressure, either manually or by consulting the dashboard readout if your vehicle offers the information. Proper tire inflation helps avoid uneven wear, a primary cause of flats and blowouts. Rotating your tires also helps spread the burden among your tires evenly rather than concentrating it on one or two tires. If you notice your steering wheel pulling to the side when you're traveling in a straight line, you may need an alignment, which will also alleviate unusual tire wear. If you have your tires changed seasonally, you can have your technician address many of these tasks simultaneously.

Long Term Maintenance for Danville Drivers

As time goes on, you'll encounter maintenance tasks you may only need to do once or twice over the lifetime of your vehicle. There will also be the occasional repair because of a fender bender or pothole. Long-term maintenance includes things like replacing your timing and serpentine belts, which may not be necessary for 50,000 miles or more. Replacing the fluids in your transmission, coolant system, and transfer case is another long-term task that will keep these systems performing reliably.

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